Dog Boarding vs Dog Sitting? | What’s right for you?

Tailster offers both dog boarding and dog sitting options while you are away on holiday, in happy home atmospheres!

Read on to see what the differences are and which might suit you best in our dog boarding vs dog sitting round up!

dog boarding vs dog sitting

The first option is dog boarding, a great alternative to kennels. This is when the dog will go to the carer’s house, remaining in a family environment. This will usually take place over long periods of time, however, it can just be for a few days.

Up until recently, kennels have been the most popular solution for pet owners. However, kennels often provide a bog standard and impersonal experience for you and your pet. Dog boarding can provide a more cost effective, tailored stay for your pet, hence the rise in popularity.

Alternatively, dog sitting consists of the carer staying in the owner’s house instead. They will usually stay overnight but can drop in for day visits if more appropriate.

Dog boarding vs dog sitting… Which is best for your dog?

Dog boarding is better suited to dogs who don’t suffer from separation anxiety and are comfortable with new environments. If the carer’s house also provides opportunities for the dog to get more exercise, this can be an ideal option. Dog boarding often provides stimuli in the form of other dogs too, which can be perfect if you have a sociable pup!

Dog sitting is better suited for those who are less confident with other dogs and senior dogs or puppies. This is because they may find it more stressful to change home environments.

If you have multiple dogs, cats or other pets, pet sitting can also be more appropriate as all your animals can be taken care of by one person. They will also still have one another’s company in their usual environment. Many dogs prefer the comfort of their own home, much like us humans!

The benefits of dog boarding

For others, dog boarding can be more appropriate. Particularly for the social pooches, house boarding can provide an opportunity for your dogs to make new friends.

For owners with houses in rural areas or with large gardens, your dog may have the opportunity to explore and exercise even more than with you!

Additionally, if you aren’t comfortable with somebody new having the keys to your house on top of taking care of your pooches, then dog boarding can be a happy medium. Here at Tailster, we highly recommend a Meet and Greet. This would involve taking your dogs to the owner’s house beforehand, to get them used to the environment.

The benefits of dog sitting

Tailster offers you the chance to have someone who truly loves dogs looking after your pet, giving them the love and attention they deserve. However, pet sitting also offers the chance for your dog to be as close to their normal environment and daily routine as possible.

Another added benefit of pet sitting is the luxury of home security. Pet sitters will often house sit too, retrieving mail, putting out bins and watering plants.

With Tailster insurance, approved carers, and recommending meet and greets first, you can be sure to find a sitter you can trust at your home. Tailster also gives you the opportunity to find a regular sitter, who your dog can come to know and love.

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Not sure where you stand with the dog boarding vs dog sitting debate? Why not give our Customer Service team a call? We can help you find the perfect fit for your pet. Give us a ring on 0208 004 0860 and we’ll be happy to help! Or if you’re ready to book, click here to find out how Tailster can put you in contact with hundreds of pet carers in your local area, meaning that you can rest in the knowledge that your pets are being well looked after.

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