10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs are known as some of the intelligent animals on the planet. Whether as police and military dogs or just as friendly, cheerful and social companions. So, in no particular order – here are 10 of the smartest dog breeds around.

#1 – The Papillon

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The Papillon. Its characteristic features are the large ears – they’re also known as the butterfly-eared dog! Representatives of the breed are very cheerful and energetic dogs that are easily trained, with the athletic stamina and attitude of a breed ten times its size means they’re able to keep up on long walks.

#2 – Border Collie

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This is a hard working dog that is also extremely intelligent, loyal and attached to it’s owners. Due to the high energy and high levels of intelligence, Border Collies flourish in a setting where they have a ‘job’. The breed are often used as herding dogs, but their jobs can be something much more fun such as sport like agility or fly ball. The Border Collie could arguably be #1 of the smartest dog breeds.

#3 – Australian Cattle Dog

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The Australian Cattle dog is also known as a Red or Blue Heeler. The name of this breed is pretty self explanatory, mainly used in Australia to herd cattle. This gives the Heeler the personality traits of being fiercely protective, loyal, agile and exceptionally intelligent.

#4 – Rottweiler

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The Rottweiler is one of the most loyal and bold dog breeds. They also have highly developed territorial instincts. Another working breed originally from Germany, this four legged pal makes a good guard dog and you can often see the breed being chosen as a police dog. On the other hand, Rotty’s are known to love curling up on the sofa, cuddling and sleeping for as long as possible!

#5 – Labrador Retriever

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This is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. They are extremely social, love the company of their owners and are easily trained – a thanks to how highly driven they are by food – making them a  firm family favourite. Thanks to their patience, intelligence and loving nature, Labradors are the chosen breed for search and rescue dogs, assisting the disabled and the police.

#6 – Shetland Shepherd (Sheltie)

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An extremely energetic and loving dog, the Shetland Shepherd are known to be one of the most compassionate and loyal dog breeds in the world. They love their owners and care for family members. They are also quite sociable. Another dog bred for herding, the Sheltie has been known to take this ability in to their home setting by displaying protective over their family “herd”. This breed displays such high intelligence that learning new tricks and commands takes very little repetition. 

#7 – Doberman Pinscher

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If you want a bold and confident dog that loves the company of their owners, you won’t be wrong with choosing a Doberman. Although Doberman’s have a certain aggressive stigma attached to them, due to being used by the Police and the military, they’re actually very loyal and gentle dogs.

#8 – Golden Retriever

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Anyone would tell you that Golden Retrievers are one of the most social dog breeds in the world. Extremely cheerful, this dog breed is easily trained and is one that quickly recalls new commands – they can learn over 200 commands! Goldies are loyal, loving and patient and have a genuine passion for pleasing their humans which makes them the ultimate pet pooch, and one of top contenders for smartest dog.

#9 – German Shepherd

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German Shepherds, originally bred for herding animals,  are loyal, eager to learn, smart and courageous. These traits have earned them jobs with the police and military for guard dogs, search and rescue and even parachute jumps! Due to the amount of ‘jobs’ the GSD has, I think most would argue they should be crowned smartest dog.

#10 – Poodle

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Last, but not least, we have to mention the Poodle. Known as one of the best four-legged circus artists around due to their love of training, Poodles were originally bred for hunting and their coats effectively protect them when retrieving from water.

Who would you rate as the smartest dog? We’ve love to hear from you!

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