Why Do Cats Stare?

If you’ve ever tried to read your cat’s mind, you’ll know just how complex they are. Cats definitely live in a world of their own and do their utmost to not let anyone else in!

Not only do they have a whole number of unusual traits that we can’t get our heads around, they also make it blatantly obvious when there’s something wrong, making things even more confusing.

In an effort to make reading your cat a little easier, we’ve put this handy little guide together to help you out…

Why Do Cats Stare?

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Have you ever noticed your cat just staring blankly? At a wall… out the window… or just at, well, nothing at all…

They do it all of the time, but why?

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Things That Make Your Cat Stare:

“Feed me, please”

Like the majority of us, cats love their food, so 90% of their staring will probably be related to this in some way.

Whether it’s an hour before feeding time or you’re running just two minutes late, your cat will know that meal time is soon and won’t rest until they get something to show for it.

If their eyes are bulging and you feel like they’re staring into your soul, they’re probably looking to be fed.

“Oh, it’s you again”

Your cat will also likely stare at you when you enter the room or return home from a day at work.

Believe it or not, this is a sign of affection, and implies that your cat has missed you and is welcoming you back into the fold – in their own, cat-like way.

If you have just returned, go and give them some attention – they’ll appreciate it, especially if you’ve been gone for a while.

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“Get out of my space”

Alternatively, your cat might stare if they’re feeling particularly territorial, so it’s good to know the difference.

If they’re staring at you, it usually means that they want something or that they’ve missed you. If they’re seemingly staring into space, it’s because they’re marking their territory and asserting their presence.

We’re not saying that you should let them walk all over you, but if they are feeling particularly territorial them give them some space and let them feel comfortable in their surroundings.

“Hello. Attention please.”

We already touched on this, but if your cat’s staring at you it could be a sign that they want some attention.

If you’ve not petted them for a while, or they’ve been sleeping and just woken, they may be feeling a little out of the loop and wanting some reassurance that everything’s alright.

We’re all guilty of being needy now and again, so give your cat a couple of minutes and let them know that they’re loved.

“Is that staying?”

Cat’s are renowned for being easily unimpressed and will make it blatantly obvious if there’s something they don’t like.

Whether there’s children running around or a new ornamental fixture that they just don’t like, they’ll stare at it until either it’s gone or they admit defeat and get over it.

We have to say, this is a particular favourite and, more of than not, their face says exactly what we’re thinking…

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