Understanding Your Cat’s Personality Type

Much like human personality types, there are cat personality types too! In fact, a study carried out by Dr Lauren Finka, research fellow at the University of Lincoln, has suggested there are 5 different feline personality types.

After spending time with more than 200 cats and their owners, Finka’s studies concluded that a cat’s personality type could be categorised into one of the following: ‘Human Cat’, ‘Hunter Cat’, ‘Cat’s Cat’, ‘Cantankerous Cat’ and ‘Inquisitive Cat’.

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The personality types were determined as the result of both the cat’s genetics and the temperament of the cat’s parents. While there may be crossovers in personality types, this study may help cat owners understand their pets further and develop a deeper bond.

Read on below to find out which personality your cat has…

The Human Catanimals 2939753 1920

You’ve guessed it! These cats love their humans and will try to spend as much time as possible around them. Human Cats feel contented spending time at home alongside their human counterparts, and you can determine whether your cat is a Human Cat through the following behaviours:

  • Headbutting – your cat regularly headbutts you to signal their bond with you
  • Kneading – your cat kneads your body and your lap is the perfect spot for an afternoon nap

The ideal environment for a Human Cat is indoors as they make excellent housecats and are easily pleased – so long as they receive plenty of attention.

The Hunter Catcat 3258166 1920

It’s a well-known fact that cats are excellent predators, but some felines simply exceed when it comes to their hunting abilities. If you think you have a Hunter Cat on your hands read the below characteristics to find out:

  • Playfulness – your cat is likely to be found playing with toys or imaginary prey in the form of pouncing, biting and kicking
  • High Energy – your cat will be prone to bouts of running around their environment, as these cats certainly have a lot of energy
  • Extreme agility – your cat is great at jumping and can reach the highest spots with little effort

The Cat’s Catcats 1577580 1920 1

The Cat’s Cat is most happy when spending time with other felines. Whilst some felines see the presence of another as a threat, The Cat’s Cat type is generally brought up in a multi-cat home. When socialised from a young age, felines can coexist in perfect harmony with other cats. The trick here is to encourage positive interaction as early as possible.

Does your cat love spending time with his feline best friend? If so, he may be a Cat’s cat:

  • Regular interaction with furry siblings – your cat is always willing to play and groom another cat
  • Sharing – your cat is not threatened by the presence of another cat and will share both their bed and toys

This type of cat is perfect for those with a busier lifestyle as they’re likely to feel happy so long as they have their feline partner in crime by their side.

The Cantankerous Cat 
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The Cantankerous Cat is quite possibly the ‘stereotypical’ cat. This feline lives up to being independent as they enjoy their own space. A lot of effort is required to form a relationship with this feline type, though, once achieved, the bond you’ll build will be unbreakable. If your cat demonstrates any or all of the behaviours below it may be a Cantankerous type:

  • Sensitivity – your cat is sensitive to their environment and is easily startled by noise
  • Handling – your cat enjoys being interacted with from time to time but does not like regular handling
  • Uncertainty – your cat is generally hesitant upon approaching new people and needs to approach you rather than be approached

The Inquisitive Cat 34694121941 c908c7fddd o scaled

These cats are generally characterised by a curious character and they’re professional investigators. While all cats are inquisitive by nature, The Inquisitive Cat is eager to explore wherever it can:

  • Found in boxes regularly – your cat is a huge box lover and now you know why – their curiosity really does get the better of them sometimes
  • Ready to explore – your cat is happy to go on independent expeditions in and around the house, there’s always something new to explore
  • Social – your cat seems completely relaxed when meeting new people, in fact they’re eager to investigate anyone new that enters their home in the form of sniffing

The inquisitiveness nature of these cats is due to a combination of DNA as well as exposure to new sights, smells and sounds from an early age.

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