Top tips for Dog walking at night time

The winter season is well under way and days are shorter than ever. This leaves you with one of two options, you are either going to take your dog out for a walk in the dark, or your beloved pet will be taking you out for a quick stroll in the dark. There’s just no way around it! No matter how late it might be, your four legged pal needs to keep its routine intact. That is, unless you want to hear barking and scratching noises at your door when you are going to sleep. But now that, what is supposed to be your best friend, is making you do a chore in the cold and dark, what you are supposed to do? Well, we’ve got some tips for you!

#1 – Equip Yourself and your Dog for an Adventure

The first step to take when taking your dog out for a walk in the evening is to have the proper outerwear. This means both comfortable and warm clothing, if possible reflective vests as well – both for you and your dog. A headlight might be too much for you, but it works wonders for letting you and your pal find the way in the dark. And if a headlight isn’t for you, you can always go with a light-up collar or a light up leash for your dog. Want to have some fun in the park? Take a light-up toy with you… Yeah. Those exist as well!

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#2 – But don’t be too adventurous!

Keep your dog on a leash. During the summer and the light of day, it might be a good decision to let your pal explore the world, but in the dark you want to be safe. If your dog is prone to chasing the odd squirrel or two this can be a nightmare in the dark and losing them out of sight is certainly not a scenario you would want to tackle. Make sure you’re comfortable with your dogs recall before letting them off and it might be an idea to invest in a light up collar – just in case!

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#3 – Take a Safe Route with your Best Pal

Exploring a safe route is also a must. Make sure to take your dog for a stroll in familiar places. The path you take should be one you know like the back of your hand to ensure you don’t get lost in the process. Plus, while this might be obvious, make sure to take your phone with you. Technology is extremely helpful and a handheld GPS with easy communication availability, in the form of your handheld, is always a plus.

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#4 – Longer walks during the day or the weekend

It might be an idea to give your dog a longer walk during the day so the evening walks are more about doing their ‘business’ than doing a lot of exercise. Burn off that extra energy on their lunchtime walk to save yourself from feeling unsafe on evening walks. Alternatively, weekends can be used to give your pet the exercise they really need. Long walks can keep some energy subsided for a couple of days. Don’t have the extra time? Try out a Tailster dog walker for the days you can’t do!

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