Dog Friendly Guide to North Wales

North Wales is a dog lover’s dream when it comes to outdoor adventures for dogs, that’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to dog friendly North Wales.

dog friendly north wales

We’ve done the research so that you know where to go with your dog for all your pet’s needs whether that’s looking for a dog sitter, dog walker, right through to dog friendly locations in North Wales too.

We’re here to help with your search for a trustworthy dog boarder, sitter or walker but whilst you’re here, why not check out what North Wales has to offer you and your four legged friend? Read on to find out more about dog friendly North Wales!

Top dog friendly walks in North Wales

Walks provided by Tailster walker, Jay. Book her to look after your Tailster pooch here.

#1 Wepre Park

Connahs Quay, North Wales

Wepre Park is a brilliant place to take dogs to socialise, it’s also very visually pleasing. It’s landscape varies as you stroll through. From large open fields where you can throw a ball for your Springer, to dense woodland where your Beagle can enjoy all the smells! One of the many paths takes you to the riverside where your dogs can take a dip. It then leads onto a lovely waterfall. If you carry on for about 0.7 miles through Wepre Park you will reach Ewloe Castle. There are ruins to see and a dog friendly cafe for you and your furry friends to enjoy after a long walk. This is my favourite place to walk the dogs due to all the different things to see and paths to take!

#2 Loggerheads Country Park

Mold, Flintshire, North Wales 

Loggerheads is another great place to take your dogs for some exercise and a swim! River Alyn runs alongside the path in a beautiful woodland area. Although the hike up the stairs can be slightly long and arduous it is totally worth it for the views at the top, looking out to Moel Famau, the tallest mountain of the Clwydian Range! There’s a big field next to a cafe where you can get some lunch and rehydrate you and your dogs. It has a visitor centre and some landmarks; an historic corn mill called Pentre Mill, and a gorge called Devil’s Gorge. It also has a pub opposite the car park if you want a more substantial tasty meal!

#3 Coed Nercwys

Nercwys, Mold, North Wales

Nercwys Forest is a tranquil piece of forest that has great off lead dog friendly walking with picturesque views. There is a range of different paths you can take that are all colour coded, whether by foot or bicycle. It is easily accessible with a couple of free car parks. Before the 1960’s, it was a sheep-grazed moorland until the Forestry Commission took over and planted it with conifers. Now a days you won’t come across any sheep, but possibly the occasional horse!

#4 Glasfryn

Raikes Lane, Mold, North Wales

The Glasfryn is a 4 star, classically British restaurant and pub. It is located opposite Theatre Clwyd so is perfect for an after show meal. It’s surrounded by lovely gardens and stunning views. Inside, it is spacious and welcoming with real fires and a bar, serving a range of ales, spirits and wines. The menus change depending on the season and it’s always delicious! And you don’t have to leave your pooch behind, as they are as welcome as us, offering dog treats and water bowls!

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