Checklist: What Your Dog Sitter Needs To Know

So, you’re preparing to leave your dog with a new sitter for the first time and you’re pretty nervous. It’s understandable, but there’s really no need – you’ve met them, they’ve met the dog and all will be fine!

You’re pretty much ready to go, everything’s packed and the dog’s ready for the week ahead, and you’ve drawn up a list of everything that the sitter needs to know.

But, have you remembered everything?!

Here’s everything that your dog sitter needs to know before they start taking care of your dog:

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Daily Routine

It’s important that, when they’re with the sitter, your dog’s routine is kept as much the same as possible.

Of course, it’s not going to be exactly the same, but in order to ensure that the dog is settled and comfortable it’s vital that they’re not feeling isolated in an alien environment.

Make note of feeding times, walking times and habits, as well as any other grooming or play time rituals that will help to keep your dog calm and comfortable.

Feeding Time

Whilst it’s vital that your sitter knows what time the dog should be fed, it’s also important that they know what they should be fed and how much of it.

In normal circumstances, you should provide food so that there are no issues, in which case you’ll just need to remind them how much to give and how often.

It’s also a good idea to let them know about any allergies that your dog has, as well as foods to avoid. The more comprehensive the list, the less likely they are to come home with a stomach bug.

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(Good &) Bad Habits

You’ll also want to let your sitter know about any habits – good, bad or otherwise…

We all have our oddities, and that’s fine, but for a sitter who’s not totally familiar with the dog it’s wise to give them some advance warning so that they’re fully prepared.

Don’t worry about scaring the sitter off – they’ll know to expect some odd behaviour, and making these clear will ensure that they don’t mistake it for another issue.


Your sitter will, of course, be walking your dog and, as a major part of their day, we’d advise making note of any usual routes and trails.

Give them a general idea of any go-to areas, as well as any no-go areas that they should definitely avoid. They’ll also need to know about any phobias (other dogs, water, crowds, etc.), toys or games that you take out/play whilst on a walk, and whether they usually walk on or off lead.

Being as thorough as possible will ensure that your dog is safe whilst out and about.

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General Health 

You should also definitely report any ongoing health issues to your sitter, as well as any signs of discomfort that they should look out for.

Make them aware of the nature of any conditions and medication/treatment that they’re currently on (what it is and how often it should be administered) and be sure to send them with enough to last the duration of their stay.

In addition to this, be sure to give the sitter the number and details of your regular vet surgery so that they can contact them promptly in the case of an emergency.

…And Anything Else

What we’re really saying is that you should be as thorough as possible when preparing your sitter for the job ahead of them.

If you think it’s worth their while knowing then note it down. This way, you will help ensure that both your dog and their sitter have the best possible stay, and you can have a stress-free getaway!

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