Are You Secretly Annoying Your Cat?

As animal lovers, we’d happily spend all of our time with our pets – and we’re sure they wouldn’t complain either!

In reality, however, the facts of life get in the way and, in between working and and actually living life, we’re forced to make the most of every last minute we get with them. Whilst this is great for us, for them it can be more of a learning curve…

To us, our pets are part of the family, but it’s important to remember that they are in fact animals, and have little or no say in what we do with them or where we take them. For cats, in particular, this can be challenging.

Worried that you’re secretly annoying your cat? Here are the troublesome behaviours that you should be avoiding…

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Holding And Cradling

Every cat owner sees their beloved moggy as their baby – sadly, however, they’re totally not on board with that…

Generally speaking, cats don’t mind sitting on your lap and being cuddled, especially when you’ve been away for a while. When it comes to picking them up and holding them like an actual baby, though, it’s a totally different story.

Although they look adorable, it’s really not their thing and could lead to a nasty scratch and a lot of resentment. Keep your relationship healthy – don’t do it!

Selfie Time

Cats often get a lot of unfair flack, with people mistakenly viewing them as less loyal than dogs. They are, however, fiercely independent and don’t like to do anything that isn’t on their own terms.

So, selfie time is a big no no!

In the same way that they’ll curl up voluntarily on your lap but don’t like to be carried and cradled, trying to manipulate them to take a photograph is a recipe for disaster and one best avoided. They’ll hate it even more so if the picture requires flash.

Take our advice and just get a snap of them when they’re settled or sleeping, it’ll make life a whole load easier.

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Eye To Eye

Eye contact is a big thing for cats and can have major consequences for your relationship.

In the wild, eye contact between cats is a way of asserting dominance, and it’s highly likely that your cat will adopt these natural instincts in a domestic setting too.

If you avert your eyes your cat will thing you have the power, whilst staring is seen as a sign of aggression and could be seen as antagonistic.

If your cat blinks at you it’s a good sign and means that they’re comfortable. Just don’t push the boundaries – it’s not worth unsettling them.

Dress Up

It’ll hardly come as a surprise that cats don’t like dress up, and we can confirm that the experience comes with all the squirming and fighting that you’d expect!

Not only do they not like to be manipulated, cats also don’t like the feeling of material on their fur – it’s restricting so, naturally, it’s a no.

Whilst we can’t deny how adorable they look when dressed up, give their wellbeing a thought and maybe give it a miss next time. Well, they’re adorable anyway, right?

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Finally, cats are creatures of habit and change is something that can throw them right off track – especially when they’re not expecting it…

We’re not just taking finding a new partner or moving house, as even the smallest of change can unsettle your cat. They love routine – think of how outdoor cats come home at set times during the day – so even changing their meal times can unnerve them.

According to Cat Health Network, it’s best to gradually implement changes into your cat’s life, with goal of normalising the new whilst minimising their memory of the old.

It’s not that they’re difficult – actually, they’re more like us than we care to consider…

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