Balancing Your Partner With Your Pets

As humans, we’re always on the lookout for love.

But, for animal lovers, we’re constantly on the lookout for two kinds of love: the love of a partner, and the love of our pets. We get the best of both worlds really, don’t we? It does mean, however, that we have to get the balance right – misjudge, and it can all end in tears.

That’s exactly what happened to one Suffolk couple, whose 30 rescue dogs caused a rift in their relationship. Mike Haslam is reported to have grown tired of playing second fiddle to his wife’s obsession with her dogs, demanding that wife Liz choose between him and the dogs. Unwilling to compromise, Mrs. Haslam stuck by her Bull Terriers, and Mike soon left the couple’s two-bedroom countryside cottage.

The couple, who had been married for 25 years, are now living separately, and are said to be happy following their split. Over the course of their marriage, it is thought that the demands of the Terriers, who ranged from age 2 to 18, caused a divide in the couple, ultimately straining their marriage.

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Whilst the case of Mr. and Mrs. Haslam is an extreme one, we know how easy it is to become totally engrossed in our pets, neglecting our partners altogether. So, here are some simple ways to make sure you’re spending time with both your partner and your pets:

Make Time For Date Night

Often, our partners will complain that we’re too obsessed with our pets, which may be true..  As irritating as it can be, what they’re really saying is that they care, and that they want to spend time with us, and they’re trying to be tactful about it.

The easiest way to get around this is to make time for date night every week. Your partner won’t be demanding endless hours of your time, so give them and evening out and they’re likely to be happy again. It doesn’t even have to be that spectacular – they’ll be happy with a takeout pizza and a TV box set, so long as you’re there with them!

Joint Activities

Another simple way to bring your partner and your pets together is to involve them in simple activities. If you’re walking the dog, have your partner come with you. It might not be the most thrilling activity, but it’ll give you an hour together, and bring the two together.

Similarly, spending time with your partner doesn’t mean that your pet can’t be involved. If you’re headed to the pub with friends, find a dog friendly venue. Your friends could even bring their furry friends along with them. The more, the merrier – and no one gets left out!

Doggy Days Out

We all love a summer road trip, and the only thing better is a summer road trip with our pets! There are loads of great, pet friendly days out across the UK for you, your partner, and your pets to enjoy. Just make sure you plan properly to ensure that everything goes to plan (and they can’t complain), and you’re on to a winner.

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Why not escape the city and spend an afternoon in the country? Or take your dog to the beach and let them explore. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a fun afternoon for your pets and means you’re giving your partner the attention that they need.

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