At Tailster we know that pets are often just as attached to us as we are to them. This is especially true for dogs. Our four-legged pals might seem happy all the time, but they do miss us when we are gone. When we are away on a holiday or at work, leaving someone to take care of your dog, or leaving them at a dog boarding or dog daycare, might be a must. Otherwise, our pets will be solely focused on the fact that we are not by their side. Wondering whether your dog misses you when you are gone? Here are 4 signs to look out for!

1) The "Talk to My Paw" Ignore when Leaving
Leaving for work and your pet doesn't care at all? In fact, they even ignore you? Well, this is one of the most direct signs it will miss you when you are gone. Knowing that you are leaving, due to your routine, your pal is heavily trying to imply that it doesn't agree with your decisions.

2) The "Total Drama" Dog Move
Your pup is an emotional creature. If you notice that it starts crying when you are about to leave, chances are it is not just trying to be dramatic. It just misses you even before you've headed out! Plus, being super ecstatic when you are back home is a sure "total drama" sign that your dog is all over you! Both figuratively and literary!

3) The Overly-Attached Dog
Another sure sign that your dog misses you is if they are acting overly-attached. Been to the dog daycare and when you go to take them, they smile at you and look at you? It's a sign! Following you all around the house, wherever you go? Also a sign!

4) The "Your Stuff are Mine Now" Sign
In case you often find your dog lying on your stuff and chewing on your shoes, This is one of the most certain signs that your dog misses you. Dogs have been known to destroy furniture due to separation anxiety - It's just its way of expressing it's loneliness when you are away. That's a certainty!

Tailster offer dog boarders, sitters, walkers and doggy daycare across the UK. So if you’re finding your pooch is getting bored or lonely without you, get in touch and we can find the perfect person to keep them company till you’re back!

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