You’ll Love This Video Of Dogs Playing With Babies

Dogs vs. Babies

With the news that increasing numbers of millennials are choosing pets over parenthood, it seems that puppies are fast becoming the more fashionable alternative to babies – and it’s not hard to see why.

Yes, puppies can be hard work, but babies are far more demanding. Not only is it fairly simple to train a dog to go to the toilet outside, they also don’t grow up to answer back and totally bypass the teenage years.

Not that we’re against babies at all. In fact, if there’s one thing cuter than a new puppy, it’s a puppy playing with a baby…

This compilation video of dogs playing with babies is all the cuteness that you’ll ever need…

The video is currently doing the rounds on Twitter, sending users into a complete frenzy and proving just how precious dogs are as a part of the family.

Clip after clip, the video proves how cute and compassionate dogs really are, with the children clearly loving the time that they’re spending with their furry friends.

Twitter users are loving the clip and have flocked in to express their delight. One user wrote, “Absolutely adorable & has restored my faith in humanity! Dogs, Happy Babies & #Moms&Dads,” whilst another said, “Just emailed the boss saying I’m sick so I can watch this on endless loop all day.”

One user summed up all of our thoughts in one short tweet, writing “Fact: if this were a tv station, it would be the most watched channel in the history of television” – we couldn’t agree more.

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