World’s Ugliest Dog Dies Days After Winning Title

Zsa Zsa, the English Bulldog who won the title of World’s Ugliest Dog 2018 last month, has sadly died just weeks after her winning victory.

The nine year old dog wowed crowds at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California with her slobbery tongue and accentuated underbite, becoming the undisputed winner of the title.

Whilst her owners, Megan and Jesse Brainard, were overjoyed by Zsa Zsa’s success, the couple revealed their heartbreak when hearing the news that their beloved dog had died in her sleep while staying with relatives.


© Jeff Chiu/AP

Speaking of their heartbreak, Mrs. Brainard said:

“I’m still in shock… It’s kind of like when she won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest. 

It’s been two weeks and I still don’t believe it. It’s probably going to be the same with her passing.

I picked Zsa Zsa up and took her outside and laid her down in the grass.

We were all saying our goodbyes and Mareslie went right over and gave her a kiss. It was sweet. She was waving at her.”

Whilst the couple are obviously heartbroken, they are taking comfort from the fabulous life that Zsa Zsa had, with her late-life success particularly poignant.

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© Jeff Chiu/AP

For the first five years of her life, Zsa Zsa suffered on a puppy farm in Missouri, before being bought by a dog rescue group from which the Brainards adopted her.

We are devastated by the sad news and wish that Zsa Zsa could have lived long enough to see through her title. Here at Tailster, we strongly support the ‘adopt don’t shop’ message, and in no way support abhorrent puppy farming practices that go on around the world.

Recently, Australia passed a law preventing pet shops from selling newborn puppies, and it is hoped that UK MPs will pass the similar ‘Lucy’s Law’ later this year.

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