Maybe There Is Such A Thing As Spoling Your Dog Too Much:

If you were rich, how much money would you leave to your pets in your will? One kooky American businesswoman has decided to leave her pampered pup a house in Florida and a trust fund!

Rose Ann Bolasny, a sixty year old businesswoman who works as an accountant in New York, has stated that her pet Maltese terrier is a ‘gift from God’ and deserves to continue living in luxury after she is gone.

Mrs Bolasny already has a huge budget for her dog, Bella Mia. Last year, the lucky terrier had a $100,000 allowance for weekly pooch pampering such as shopping sprees, haircuts and ‘paw-dicures’.


Bella Mia has a walk-in wardrobe filled with over 1,000 outfits. She also has her own bedroom with a double bed, and has joined her doting owner in many five star restaurants across the world.

Mrs Bolasny has stated that Bella Mia is ‘like the daughter I never had’. ¬†Despite having two sons already who are 32 and 38 years old, Rose Ann Bolasny and her husband Walter have chosen to change their wills and bequeath their new Florida home to their dog. Mrs Bolasny said:

‘Prior to doing it I discussed having Bella Mia included in the trust fund with my sons and they totally understood.¬†I explained to them that I know they love Bella Mia very much but I wanted to make sure that if anything happens to us she was taken care in the way that she’s used to.’


So, does this mean that Bella Mia is in the running for the world’s most pampered dog? Well, despite her pampered lifestyle and wealth of outfits, Bella Mia is in fact not even the wealthiest dog there is!

The richest dog belonged to Countess Carlotta Liebenstein, who left her German Shepard, Gunther III, $80 million. Gunther’s carers (and Gunther himself, we are sure!) were smart enough to invest the fortune – turning $80 million in to a huge $372 million!

Would you leave your dog anything in your will? Let us know!


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