World’s first dog swimming pool and resort in Barcelona

Looking for a place where your pooch can safely splash around? Are you looking for something new to do with your dog? Well, then have a look at this: the world’s first ever dog swimming pool! This is a 1,000m-square swimming pool purposely built for dogs and their owners. This amazing doggy swimming pool is actually located 30 mins away from Barcelona, Spain, within the 5 star Can Janè Canine Resort.



This dog aqua park is equipped with everything your dog needs to enjoy a refreshing Summer’s day, from water slides to extra-strong inflatable boats and pleasant sloped beach-like facilities.  This amazing aqua park was created by Federico Cano, who thought dogs should also be offered the opportunity to splash around in the water in hot Summer days, especially since most beaches and swimming pools do not allow any pets.




The aqua park is a great option for active dogs – they will release all their energy and then sleep for days! It’s also great for older dogs who might have mobility issues, since the water provides a weight-free environment where they can still move around and have fun.




 Watch the video below for a sneak-peak: we assure you it will make you smile!

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