“It’s a wonderful world” – neighbours help cancer patient walk his dogs

Welcome to the second issue of Tailster’s “It’s a wonderful world”, where we bring you the most beautiful and inspirational dog stories from around the world.

Today we want to share the story of a man suffering with cancer and how his dogs helped him stay active and positive – with a little help from some creative and generous neighbours.

64 year-old Charlie George lives in Azalea, near Houston, USA, and he is well know for regularly walking his two Yorkshire Terriers, and even his cat. However, since being diagnosed with Leukemia almost three years ago, these daily walks have become more and more difficult. Neighbours started to notice Charlie was having a hard time completing these walks; one neighbour Shelleye Arnold, decided to help by leaving a chair outside on her lawn so that Charlie could have a rest and gather some strength to carry on walking his dogs.

Soon all the neighbours offered to help, putting a chair on every lawn, with a sign stating “Chairs for Charlie”, offering a well deserved break, as well as moral support.



Source: Today.com

Some neighbours started to add an extra chair for Charlie’s wife, Sandra, and even water bowls for the dogs. “We don’t have to sit in them to get energized,” George said. “The thought of putting those chairs out makes you think about that there are other people and they care about you and watch out for you and try to help.”

Thank you Charlie’s dogs for motivating Charlie to carry on exercising and enjoy the outdoors – and thank you neighbours for making it possible.


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