Woman Banned From Keeping Animals On ‘Disgusting’ Puppy Farm

Whilst 2018 has seen animal welfare regulations improved both in the UK and globally, the law remains dangerously relaxed in terms of puppy breeding and rearing.

The proposed Lucy’s Law sought to prevent premature separation between mothers and their litters by abolishing the sale of puppies through pet shops and third party sellers, though the status of those regulations currently remains uncertain.

One welfare issue that is at the forefront of the public consciousness is that of puppy farming. With scriptwriters at Emmerdale tackling the harrowing topic, it’s not hard to see why it remains such a sensitive and emotive issue…

A cruel dog breeder from Bexleyheath, Kent, has been banned from keeping animals for life after a raid on her puppy farm found animals kept in “disgusting” conditions. 


Janet Oxlade, 67, has pleaded guilty to animal welfare offences after the RSPCA raided her home, condemning the treatment of her animals.

She was subsequently banned from keeping animals for life, received an additional 20 week suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay costs of £2,000 at Bexley Magistrates Court.

An independent vet who was involved in the RSPCA’s assessment said that they were some of the worst conditions that they had ever seen.


RSPCA Inspector Carroll Lamport said of the animal welfare victory:

“We’d had a number of complaints over recent years about this address but never had enough evidence to act on.

In 2017, local inspectors dealt with a handful of calls and attended the property but Ms. Oxlade wouldn’t let us in.

People became suspicious of her as they were never allowed outside of the living room of the home – which was kept in pristine condition – and couldn’t see the conditions the animals were being kept in.

Between the end of November and a few days before Christmas we had six further complaints from the public relating to Basset Hounds, Dachshunds and a Boxer. Sadly, one of the Dachshunds died of parvovirus on Christmas Day.”

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Whilst sentencing Ms. Oxlade, Magistrate Tim Fisher said that the suffering of the animals was “at the highest level” and went on for a sustained period of time. He highlighted that her crimes were incredibly close to a lengthy prison sentence.

We’re only thankful that the animals have been rescued and hope that they get a strong second chance at life!

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