Why Is Your Dog Barking?

We’d all love to know what our pets are thinking. Well, that’s kind of impossible, sorry… However, you can learn a lot about your dog by paying close attention to their bark. No, really, they are trying to talk to you!

It’s easy to think that your dog is just being annoying – especially when you’re trying to watch TV and they just won’t shut up. But if you pay attention to your dog’s bark and really get to know the message behind it, you can learn a lot from them!

Here are some of the key messages that your dog may be trying to tell you:

Your Dog Wants Something

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If your dog is barking, you can guarantee that they want something. However, what that something is often remains unknown…

Dogs can be demanding creatures, and it’s likely that they want something very specific, otherwise they’ll just carry on barking. In these instances, the number of barks are a key indicator. The more your dog’s barking, the more they want something.

That doesn’t mean that you should always give in to your dog though! When you’ve tried everything, it’s likely that they’re just being greedy. In that case, just walk away – they’ll soon get the message.

Your Dog Is Alarmed

Your dog will start barking if something startles them. This could be anything, and often with dogs it’s totally irrational. A knock on the door or an oven timer sounding can set them off, and before you know it you’ll have them barking for hours!

In these instances, it’s best not to shout at them. Instead, nurture them and calm them down. If your dog is genuinely unnerved, they need some proper TLC.

Your Dog Is Excited

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When your dog is excited, they’ll probably be barking more than ever! It’s their way of expressing themselves, so let them bark away. It’s cute that they want to let you know they’re happy, right?

Although it can be difficult to tell if your dog is barking because they’re excited, it’s important to monitor their body language. It’s easy to distinguish between the two – if they’re full of energy and jumping around, they’re probably excited.

It’s a good thing!

Your Dog Is Anxious

Similarly, your dog will bark when they are anxious. When they bark in this way, it’s usually because they can’t contain their emotion. If your dog barks when you leave them at home, or when you give someone else attention, it’s likely to be anxiety induced.

Don’t confuse your dog’s anxious bark with aggression. This bark is more fear-based, and comes from a fear of separation. Again, it’s a sign that your dog loves you, so you definitely should reassure them that you feel the same.

Your Dog Wants You!

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Sometimes, your dog will begin barking because they simply just want some attention. We can all relate, right?

If there’s no apparent reason for your dog to be barking, it’s likely that they’re just reminding you that they’re there (as if you could forget…).

Over time, you’ll come to understand your dog’s barks, and know exactly what’s going on and why. And that’s as close as you’ll get to reading your dog’s mind we’re afraid!

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