Why Do Dogs Suddenly Run Around?

Dogs are simple creatures. Feed them, walk them and let them sleep and they’re bound to be happy.

As much as they’re calm and collected 99% of the time, for that other 1% they’ll run around the place like crazy…

What’s That About?!


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Far from a call for attention, this type of behaviour is nothing to worry about and shouldn’t be cause for concern. In fact, it’s perfectly normal for dogs to hurl themselves around like this.

Technically known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (or, FRAP for short), this kind of behaviour is most common in puppies and young dogs.

Whilst experts aren’t sure exactly why dogs do it, they do know the triggers. Dogs often get FRAP when they get a surge of energy – like when something excites us and we just can’t contain our excitement.

For example, they will often experience this shortly after a walk or being fed. It can also occur during periods of stress, as they try to rid themselves of any anxieties.

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Should I Intervene?

As we said, this type of behaviour is perfectly normal and nothing that you should be concerned about. It is, however, important that you ensure that your dog is safe.

It’s likely that they’ll only get these urges at home or in open spaces – ie. where they’d typically be safe – but do make sure that there are no hazards around.

If they get the urge outside, make sure they’re away from hazards such as roads and footpaths. Similarly, if they’re wet and start running around, try and direct them away from slippery surfaces where they could lose control.

Finally, if they do go through an episode and put themselves in danger, don’t chase them. Instead, run in the opposite direction. This way they’ll follow you as you lead them out of danger.

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