Why Do Dogs Run In Circles?

As the UK’s most popular pet, dogs have a whole number of endearing (if not slightly odd) qualities that we can’t help but love.

Whether they’re barking at thin air or going crazy at the mention of a ‘treat’, it’s their oddities that make them into the dogs that we love and cherish.

Whilst sometimes it’s totally rational, in other instances it can be a little more perplexing…

Like Dogs Running Round In Circles

Wilma Dog Walking Outside

It’s something that many dogs do that we don’t really understand, but what’s it all about?

The main thing is, it’s nothing to worry about too much. It can, however, be a sign that there’s something wrong, meaning that you should keep an eye out and act accordingly.

Why Do Dogs Run Round In Circles?

Psychological Reasons

Dogs sometimes ‘chase their tail’ due to feelings of boredom, anxiety, fear or frustration.

There are a variety of things that could cause you dog to become stressed, with even minute changes in their lifestyle sometimes having a major impact.

If they do start to run in circles, especially when you’re around, it could be that they’re trying to let you know. So, think about their daily routine – what’s changed and what’s the same – and try to pinpoint what could be affecting them.

If your dog is acting in this way, make an effort to give them some extra attention and let them know that you’re there for them.

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Physical Reasons

In rare circumstances, you dog may run around due to physical pain.

In these instances, it is likely that they have pain or irritation in their tail, back legs or rear, causing them to run in circles.

We’d always recommend taking them to the vets if you suspect that there is a physical concern, which could include anal gland issues, infections and parasites.

The sooner a diagnosis is made, the sooner the issue can be sorted.

Is It Always A Cause For Concern?

Whilst in several cases there could be a negative reason for your dog running round in circles, it’s not always the case.

Some breeds – such as Bull Terriers, German Shepherds and Pugs – do have a predisposition for running round in circles for no reason at all, meaning that it’s nothing to worry about.

Keep an eye on them – if your dog persistently runs around in circles, we’d always suggest seeking veterinary advice just to make sure.

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