Why Do Cats Wake You Up Early?

Any owner of an indoor cat will tell you just how peculiar they are as pets – and they’re not far wrong!

Yes, they’re fiercely independent, but they’re also incredibly loyal, spending as much time by your side as they possibly can – which often means right through the night.

Whilst they’re well behaved for the majority of the time, sleeping for the majority of the day, this does lead to an unfortunate habit…

Sleeping for most of the day, cats have an unfortunate habit of waking up in the early hours, which – if they’re an indoor cat – is hardly ideal for you!

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Whereas outdoor cats get used to going in and out of the house at set times throughout the day, indoor cats have a less regimented routine, meaning that they do what they want, when they want. This is fine, but can be something of a nuisance when they start waking you up to be fed at 4am.

It must be said that this behaviour shouldn’t be a cause for immediate worry. It should, however, prompt you to keep an eye on the animals to ensure that there’s nothing that’s prompting them to do this.

So, why do cats wake you up in the night and what can you do about it?

First things first, you’ll want to check what your cat wants when they try to wake you up at these times. If they need the bathroom, then it might be a good idea to get them into the habit of using a litter tray. This will make your life a whole lead easier going forward, especially for something so trivial that can be remedied so easily.

If they’re wanting food, however, the problem could be more severe.

As a starting point, it might be a good idea to have them checked over by a vet to ensure that they haven’t developed diabetes or any other condition that would require them to eat at this time. They’re probably fine, but at least you can eliminate the possibility.

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Following this, you could try to ignore them and hope that the behaviour comes to an end. This is a 50/50 kind of deal and totally depends on the nature of the cat. If it stops, great. If not, there are other actions that you can take.

Automatic feeders are a great way of making sure that your cat is kept satisfied whilst you ensure your beauty sleep. Set the timer to begin at the time that your cat usually wakes up and have it regularly dispense treats so that they’re well occupied until you wake up to give them a proper meal.

Remember, cats get bored quickly, so the anticipation of a second or third treat will be enough to satisfy them until you’re finally ready to face the day. It may seem a little OTT, but if it helps we say do it!

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