Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Humans?

While cats are typically known as independent creatures, they often manage to find a way into our beds to sleep – why is that?

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Cats enjoy feeling warm and will seek out heat wherever they can. A bed is the perfect place to find this, thanks to soft cushioning blankets and, of course, you – their human radiator! While cats have a natural coat, they source out warmth wherever they can, which is why it’s also common to find your feline basking in the sunlight.

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Although cats may seem relaxed, they are constantly alert, which is why you may have noticed their ears twitching while they sleep or them being suddenly startled by noise. The bond you form with your cat is important and, if they sleep next to you, it’s a sign they feel safe.

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Territorial Behaviour

Cats are territorial by nature, which you may have noticed through their investigative instincts, so a bed to a cat is theirs. In fact, in your feline’s mind the whole environment that you share belongs to them. Luckily, they’re kind enough to allow you to use their bed too!

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Felines spend a up to 15 hours a day sleeping and therefore know the most comfortable spots for a cat nap! A bed tends to be a cat’s favourite spot as it is both soft and warm, and you’re also likely to be there to give out plenty of attention too!

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Whilst cats seem aloof and independent for the most part, they actually enjoy your company and miss you when you spend time apart from them. If your cat sleeps on you or beside you in your bed, it’s because they consider you as part of their family and they love you!

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