Why Are Cats So Obsessed With Boxes?

Boxes and cats are commonly found together, but is there a reason behind a feline’s strange obsession with these six-sided objects?

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What makes cats like boxes so much?

Cats purposefully seek out confined spaces to make them feel safe. This behaviour is instinctive for every feline and it’s common to find cats tucked away in spaces we never even knew existed! In a wild environment, this seclusion allows cats to successfully stalk prey. While this isn’t necessary for indoors cats, this type of behaviour is natural to them.

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Cats and comfort

As precautionary creatures, a cat will investigate anything new in their environment. Once a feline’s curiosity is out of the way, instinct kicks in. Cats will try and climb inside boxes of all sizes, often resulting in rather funny results. It is thought that cats enjoy relaxing in boxes due to the comfort and warmth that they provide, which is comparable to what a mother cat provides during kitten-hood.

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What type of box should I give my cat?

Generally speaking, cats will use any box available to them, though most owners opt to leave cardboard boxes in a cat’s environment as these are easy to get hold of. Cats don’t care too much about the dimensions of a box, nor the material. They even don’t mind if it’s not completely concealed.

It’s common to find cats lounging around in empty suitcases too, as these objects also provide a feeling of security.

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Whether you’ve already enriched your own cat’s environment with boxes or not, your cat is sure to appreciate having these handy hide-outs available! So, be sure to recycle your next box by passing it on to your feline!

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