What should I feed my dog?

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When it comes to feeding yourself and your family, you probably work hard to make sure what you eat is nutritional, natural, and nourishing.  But the world of pet food is confusing – and the reality is, not all kibble is made the same…

We’ve all been down the wormhole of confusing research: reading up on the merits of wet food vs. dry food; weighing up the benefits of premium dog food and natural dog food; and checking the ingredients for puppy food, senior dog food and everything in between… all this takes time and effort and is as bamboozling for a pet parent as the letterbox is for your pooch.

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The sciencey stuff

Dogs are facultative carnivores meaning that, compared to cats, they can survive on a lower meat diet – but are at their best when they get lots of nutritious, protein as the cornerstone of a nutritionally balanced diet.

Here’s a quick overview of the most important things that should be in every good boy and girl’s bowl.


If you take a close look at a lot of dog food labels, you’ll see meat derivatives or animal by-products listed.  This could mean any part of an animal that’s not fit for the human food chain: heads, feet, feathers, beaks, hair and wool. They’re not hugely harmful to your pet and do boost that all-important protein composition, but nutritionally-speaking, they’re pretty meh.  At Barking Heads we source fresh, lean, digestible protein from the best available sources – we think that’s much tastier!


For digestion and intestinal health plus easier to pick up poops.  Be aware of some of the cheaper, fibres that make their way into some pet foods like beet pulp – they are often packed with sugar and lacking in quality nutrients.


Important for a calm and happy dog who stays fuller for longer, with sustained energy.  Whilst a dog with the zoomies is amusing for a while, those sugar-highs can be exhausting for both pooch and owner!


Essential for regulating body processes & supporting joint health.

For Barking Heads (and our kitty-friendly sister brand Meowing Heads), our founders wanted to empower pet parents with better knowledge, better options and better ingredients, believing that the options on the shelves were bland, confusing, and nutritionally-meh. They developed recipes, using quality ingredients for a better type of pet food that’s more dinner, less filler.

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