Suffolk’s Very Own Dog-Poo Vigilante!

Andrew Hawes, (AKA ‘The Turdinator’) from Leiston in Suffolk has come up with a novel new way to catch out people who don’t scoop their dog’s poop.




Sick of the constant cleaning up of dog poo in his area, Andrew plans to hide between bushes, in camouflage, in his local park in Leiston, Suffolk, in order to catch naughty Dog owners in the act.

Andrew says  ‘If they don’t clear up after their dog I’ll pop out of the hedge and say: “Excuse me, could you please clean up after your dog? You’re being filmed – if you clean up the film will be deleted straight away – if not you’ll be posted on my Facebook page for people to identify and then you’ll be reported to the police” ‘




Andrew in his camo gear!

Local Police have confirmed that Andrew’s actions won’t be illegal, and have promised to follow up with any evidence given to them – including the handing out of £80 on-the-spot fines.


Locals have expressed support for Andrew’s vigilante campaign – which has the aim of stopping children being harmed by dog mess – although have given wise words of warning that the response from the owners involved may not be the friendliest!




Leaving your dog’s mess in a public place is illegal, and can result in receiving an on-the-spot fine, or even being prosecuted. Some local councils are even DNA testing doggy doo doo to catch culprits – check out our article HERE.

So, what do you think about Andrew’s vigilante plans – A great effort to help his local community or a plan likely to land him in trouble? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @Tailstercom

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