Urgent appeal: help us bring Hilton to the UK

Urgent appeal: help us bring Hilton to the UK

We love dogs. We think they’re awesome. They make us smile, make us feel better when we’re down, they help relieve stress and lower blood pressure, some dogs spend their lives helping the blind…some dogs can even detect cancer – that’s impressive! But dogs can only achieve their full potential when they are lovingly supported by us, humans. And there are some pretty awesome dog-loving humans out there. Today we will introduce you to one of them, and her name is Lily Frazer.

Lily is a 25 year old actress who went to Bucharest, Romania, to shoot a commercial. On her last day Lily and her colleagues were sightseeing when they found Hilton – a tiny puppy, a really sweet, but dirty, ball of fur hiding in the corner of a cardboard box.

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“My colleague and I actually thought he was dead when we first saw him” – Lily recalls. “It was only when I went up to the box and made noises that he lifted his head. He was very weak. He opened his eyes for a bit and then flopped his head back down”.

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Lily tried to talk to some locals to get more information about the dog, but nobody seem to care or be willing to help; so she decided to take the matter into her own hands. However, at this point she only had one hour before she had to rush to the airport. But that did not stop her:

“I didn’t have any internet on my phone and I only had an hour before the production team would be at our hotel to take us to the airport so I rang my mum in the UK and asked her to Google local shelters and vets etc. It took us a while to find one with a phone number. This is when I first spoke to Aniela Ghita at ‘Hope for Strays‘ who I’ve been in touch with ever since”

Lily was told she had to get the pup to a vet before she could take him to the shelter

“At that point I had 15 mins!  I ran back to my hotel and begged a man called Gabriel at the hotel concierge that if I gave him a lot of money would he go and pick up Hilton and take him to the vet for me where someone would be able to pick him up at the other end after he’d been checked. He agreed and took my details and said he would email me to update me”.


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Gabriel did as he promised and took little Hilton to the vet “I was so happy I cried a lot!”

Lily wanted to adopt Hilton herself, but unfortunately she has not been able to find any suitable dog-friendly accommodation

“I wanted to adopt him so badly but I was already staying in a friends house at the time and when I tried to look for a permanent home for us both Landlord and estate agents weren’t keen at all and if they did allow pets it was so expensive”.

Lily has paid for all of Hilton’s vet bills so far, he is micro chipped and has been vaccinated against rabies. He is now 4 months old, and all he needs is a loving home.

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“I’ve been trying to get him adopted here but it’s been extremely difficult. It’s hard for people to commit. A lot of people have let me down”

It would cost £175 to get Hilton to the UK and his transport could be easily organised with the help of a UK charity that helps stray dogs from abroad. We urge all our followers to consider adopting Hilton or at least help by sharing this message so that this sweet puppy can find a forever loving home. Please contact Tailster if you would like to adopt Hilton.

We would also like to thank Lily and praise her commitment to save Hilton from a lifetime of suffering and neglect, she surely is an inspiration to all of us.

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As Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want to be in the world”. So what are you waiting for? SHARE this message with all your friends and family. YOU can make a difference.


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