Underwater Treadmill Helps Cat To Lose Weight

If we’re honest, we’re all guilty of over indulging our pets with treats now and again – we just can’t help ourselves!

Whilst the majority of us know when to say no, for some it’s more difficult, with problems quickly spiralling out of control until professional help is needed.

There are a whole range of diets available to help our pets shed a few pounds, but sometimes all they need is a little (unconventional) exercise…

An overweight cat in the US has been made to job on an underwater treadmill in an attempt to help him shift over a third of his 17lb body weight. 

George, the 12 year old Himalayan cat, has adopted the unusual exercise regime to help him finally combat obesity and improve his overall health, after vets warned that he was at risk of type two diabetes.

The puss spends around six minutes on the treadmill at the Urban Pet Hospital in Urbandale, Iowa, three times each week.

The technique works by increasing the resistance that he experiences when exercising, helping him lose weight and tone up at a more rapid rate.

Speaking of the cat’s diet, owner Aimee Good told WHO:

“He just likes to eat. He’s a sneaky guy. He sneaks into the food.

You can’t really take a cat… out for a walk

I was really hoping this would work for him, and it seems to really be going well”

As much as we love treating our pets, their health should always come first – we want them to live as long as possible, obviously!

Here’s hoping George’s regime works and the same treatment can be administered to other animals with similar weight problems.

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