UK’s First Surf School For Dogs Is Now Open

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Just ask any dog owner and they’re sure to tell you that theirs is the best to ever walk the earth – and we totally get them, because ours definitely are!

They have a huge, varied skillset – from working as therapy animals in a whole host of institutions, to playing key pioneers in the development of scientific research – which, to be quite honest, we couldn’t do without.

Whilst some of their talents are incredibly practical and somewhat vital in the scheme of our lives, others are more… recreational, shall we say?

dog surf school 3

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Trainer Michelle Dart has opened the UK’s first surf school for dogs on Saunton Beach, Devon – and it looks fabulous!

Kitted with life jackets, the dogs get used to balancing on the boards on dry land before taking to the sea to finally ride the waves.

Whilst the sport is incredibly popular in the US and Australia, this is the first school of it’s kind in the UK – and, we have it say, it looks like great fun!

dog surf school

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Offering a ten week ‘Paws on Boards’ course, Ms. Dart’s course is a fun way of keeping the dogs active – and she’s convinced that they love it…

Speaking of the benefits of the course for the dogs, she said:

“It’s great to see their enthusiasm, they just want to get on a board.

It’s important that people realise it’s not appropriate for all dogs.

The Staffie dogs and Collies – the chunkier dogs – tend to do better at it.”

dog surf school 2

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It may be getting a bit chilly now, but come next summer we’re definitely there!

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