Pet Friendly Sun Cream and Treating Sunburn

Just like humans, animals are at risk of burns from too much sun exposure. Both dogs and cats should have a shady place to lie, particularly at midday. It’s important to regularly check on your pets and ensure they don’t spend long periods of time lying in the sun.

Read on to find out more about pet friendly sun cream and how to avoid sunburn…

pet friendly sun cream

Applying sun cream on pets

Pet friendly sun cream is available for our furry friends to aid you further! This is usually SPF 30+. Sun cream should be applied to thin coated or white dogs and cats on any problem areas. If you’re unsure whether your pet may require protection, you can always check with your local veterinarian.

Reapply the sun cream to the sensitive spots throughout the day. This includes the nose, lips, ears, groin and belly, particularly for those sun worshippers!

What to do if your pet is sunburnt

Move your pet into the shade as soon as possible if you notice the sunburn is reddened, warm or flaky. Sunburn can be irritating and painful, and animals may subsequently suffer from hair loss and scaly skin. You may also find them scratching the affected areas. Always carry water for their pets to drink or spray to cool them down.

If your dog is excessively panting or showing signs of overheating, try and move them to a shady area. Give your dogs plenty of water, and place a damp towel (or one left in the freezer). This is a great aid in cooling them down.

Ice packs wrapped in tea towels for your cats to rest on if they want to can be helpful. Alongside this, you may want to invest in paddling pools, hoses or sprinklers. If the burn is severe, steroids and antibiotics to relieve inflammation or infection are available. Vets are also able to clean the burns and apply burn cream.

pet friendly sun cream

How to avoid sunburn in pets

Longer walks during the middle of the day when the sun is strongest should be avoided in the summer. Taking walks early in the morning or early evening when it’s cooler will be much safer for your pooches but you should still ensure you’ve got pet friendly sun cream on those pets at risk.

The dogs most at risk include Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, Dalmatians, Weimaraners, Lurchers, Greyhounds and Boxers. Hairless cats like the Sphynx and Peterbald or white cats are also prone to sunburn, and their outdoor activities and must be monitored.

What pet friendly sun cream should I buy my pet?

There are a variety of options in purchasing sun lotion for your cats or dogs. Always purchase pet friendly sun cream.

With the correct protection, your pets can have a playful summer whilst living a long and healthy life!

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