Tailster’s Top 20 Dog Names!

Here at Tailster HQ we are introduced to lots of new dogs every day. And though we haven’t necessarily been counting, some names just keep popping up. That gave us an idea… Why don’t we use our magic list making powers to create a post about the 20 most popular dog names we see here at Tailster.

Will your doggo make the list? If they have, give us a shout at what number they came. 

20. LUCY

With a grand total of 35. We have 35 dog’s with the name Lucy using the service!

Did you know that Lucy the Golden Retriever was Blue Peter’s resident dog from 22nd February 1998 – April 2011.


There are 36 George’s on our books and that number just keeps on growing.

18.  BUDDY & JACK 

The race is on to see who will overtake first. We have 38 of these two great names.


Another tie between two names! We have 39 dog’s with either of those names.

Interestingly, Barney was the name of the Scottish Terrier that lived in the White House with the 43rd President of the United States.


This surprised us here at HQ because of how much we love the film Marley and Me! There are 42 Marleys according to our data.


You can start seeing a pattern here, with a total of 43 each both Luna and Archie have won this spot.


With a grand total of 45! Interestingly, this is also the name of Britain’s smallest dog, measuring in at 8 inches long!


There are 47 on our books and we can definitely understand why with the 1976 film ‘Rocky’ being an all-time classic. why wouldn’t you name your best friend after rocky?

12. LILY

Not too far ahead with 49. A very pretty name for pretty dogs.


We have another draw between two names, they come in 11th place with a nice even 50 each.

We definitely thought they be a few more of these two wonderful names. Did you know that the Boxer in the in last years John Lewis Christmas advert was Buster. I wonder how many of ours are Boxers too?


With a grand total of 53 dogs called Molly, it is a firm favorite of Tailster users.

Maybe the cutest fact you’ll read today.. There was a farm dog named Molly who became a foster mum to two orphaned piglets until they were old enough to leave and live at a petting zoo.


Bailey wins the 9th spot, with 54. We love the name Bailey here, it’s such a fitting name.


A bit more a jump to 62, Daisy is in 8th place. Another very pretty name to add to the list.


We must have at least 63 Disney fans here at Tailster because Simba got an amazing 63.

With it being the name of the main character in the Lion King, it’s not surprising at all that Simba is Swahili for Lion, but of course, you already knew that!


Again, another pretty name for 65 of the dogs we help to find care for.

We’re now down to the top 5 most popular names at Tailster. If you haven’t seen your dog’s name so far, they might be in the last 5 in our list?


Oscar starts our top five with 69. Although Oscar is our 5th top dog’s name, it is actually the number one cat name in the UK this year.

4. Poppy

With a grand total of 76 Poppy’s on our listings.

3. Bella

We make a big jump to 87 with Bella.

It’s been reported that at a sanctuary in Tennessee there is a very unusual friendship between a little dog called Bella and an Elephant!!

2. Max & Lola

We have another draw! It seems like our name is list is full of them. With 98 each we have Max aand Lola. 98 is a big number to get to, so well done to these two wonderful names.

And last, but most definitely not least we have yet another tie!

1. Alfie & Charlie

At number ONE with 103 comes Alfie and Charlie.  To some, this might not come as much of a surprise as Alfie is actually 3rd in the UK’s top 100 dog names this year, and Charlie is right behind at 4th.

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