7 Tips To Be A Successful Tailster Pet Carer

So, you want to be a pet carer. You’re all signed up on the Tailster site and ready to make those quotes. But, what does it take to be successful?

We asked some of our most popular carers for some of their most valuable advice, which will hopefully help you to ace your jobs and earn those all-important good reviews.

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7 Tips To Be A Successful Tailster Pet Carer…

1. Do It For The Right Reasons

First and foremost, you need to love animals!

Pet carer Gabriela says: “I’ve seen some people that only work as a pet carer because of the money. They need a source of income and think that taking care of pets is an easy way to do this. That’s not true. It can be hard work, it can be stressful and you can’t, for any reason, mistreat an animal.”

2. Listen To The Owner

Top dog walker Tony says: “…they know their pets better than anyone.”

It’s important to listen to the owner when they talk about their pet so that you can carry out the appropriate care. Learn about the animal’s likes and dislikes and take note of any special requirements.

3. Put Yourself In The Owner’s Shoes

People consider their pets to be their babies, so leaving them in the hands of someone new is always going to be a daunting prospect.

Vickie says: “You need to able to communicate well to an owner. Remember that they’re missing their pet and need reassuring that they’re doing ok.”

Owners seek trustworthy, reliable carers that are quick to respond to any questions. Send regular updates and always be professional – they are giving you the keys to their home after all!

4. Add In Some Extras

It’s always good to over-deliver on what has been asked of you, so that your clients are pleasantly surprised and will reward you for your kindness.

Dog carer Tony says: “We always try adding a little bit extra, like watering plants or putting out rubbish bins… we find this gets us a lot of appreciation and good reviews. Always leave the house clean and tidy when you leave – we have even washed up for some customers!”

5. Be Flexible

Be prepared for late cancellations and don’t be offended or annoyed if things don’t go to plan. Life often gets in the way and this type of work can be unpredictable. There will be times that you may have to step in – or step down – with only a few moments notice.

Our popular cat sitter Layla says: “Sometimes you get last minute requests and changes that can happen.”

Try your best to be flexible and accommodating to the owner’s needs.

6. Expand Your Knowledge

Becoming an expert in your field is an attractive quality to potential clients. Learning more about pets will not only demonstrate that you’re a committed, trustworthy professional, it will also improve the quality of care that you can provide.

Tony says: “I did a dog behaviour and training Diploma in my very early stages of pet care.”

7. Be Yourself!

Francesca says: “Owners will choose you if they have a personal connection to you and can see how well you bond with their pets. There’s no rocket science to it – you just have to be natural.”

So there you have it – why not give these nuggets of advice a go and see if you can make your business grow…

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Work, family and social commitments mean that there often aren’t enough hours in the day to give our pets the attention that they deserve. Click here to find out how Tailster can put you in contact with hundreds of pet carers in your local area, meaning that you can rest in the knowledge that your pets are being well looked after.

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