This Service Dog Made It Into The School Yearbook

Not a week goes by that we don’t hear a heartwarming story of just how significant a role animals in our lives play.

From aiding in children’s development to providing therapy and rehabilitation in hospitals and centres across the country, time spent with animals is truly invaluable.

We’re often guilty of not giving them the credit that they deserve, although the same can’t be said of this rather special service dog…

Posting on Twitter, a school photographer from Los Angeles shared the images she captured of an adorable service dog who was rewarded a prestigious spot in the school yearbook!

The two images show the dog posing before the studio backdrop, as well as the final product, in which the dog looks quite happy with himself!

Wearing his special service dog harness, complete with bow tie for the momentous occasion, he looks a million dollars and is sure to be a much-treasured highlight of the annual publication.

With over 900k likes and 247k retweets, users have flocked to the page to share their admiration, as well as some rather creative edits of the image.

We love that service dogs are finally getting the recognition that they deserve, showing just how vital animals are in our everyday lives!

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