This Pig Was Desperate To Play With His Dog Friend

If there’s one thing that we love more than spending time with our pets, it’s them spending time with other people’s pets and watching them get along oh so well.

Yes, they may have their disagreements (usually depending on whose house we’re at), but all in all they get on a treat – and it’s great!

While our pets are never ones to discriminate, sometimes it takes a particularly odd pairing to highlight just how accommodating they are.

An unlikely duo, this pig was desperate to attract the attention of his dog friend, refusing to give in until she finally agreed to play!

All captured on video, the mini pig can be seen pawing at the dog, before working their way around in the hope of finally catching her attention.

Conveniently stepping on the dog’s tail then falling into his back, the little pig eventually resorts to shamelessly jumping on the dog, forcing her onto her back and leaving her with no choice but to comply.

Having been shared on Twitter, the video has since been viewed over 10k times, with users loving the relationship between the two animals.

We have to say, we weren’t particularly convinced at first, but judging by the way the dog’s wagging her tail at the end we think they’re destined to be the best of friends!

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