This Girl’s Gesture For Dog Walkers Is Adorable

As dog owners, walkies are a highlight of the day for both us and our pooches – they love it, and we have a pretty good time too!

They do, however, require a fair amount of planning which, depending on a variety of factors, can tip the walk either way.

Fortunately, for those of us who make a habit of forgetting something, one young girl has got our back…

A young girl from Romiley, Stockport, left out a bowl of water and pouch of biscuits by the nearby Peak Forest Canal to help out dogs and their walkers along the way.

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© Tony Evans

The goodies were discovered by dog walker Tony Evans, who was walking his Husky, Nook, by the canal when he stumbled across the offering.

The girl had left an aluminium bowl filled with fresh water along with a pouch of dog biscuits for walkers who frequent the lengthy path.

The treats were accompanied by a note for dog walkers, saying:

“WATER for Dogs. Please take a Boneo biscuit. Love Megan.”

Mr. Evans was admittedly taken aback by the girl’s thoughtful gesture and has expressed interest in tracking down the girl so that he can thank her.

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© Tony Evans

Speaking of Megan’s offering for dog walkers, Mr. Evans said:

“It’s just so sweet and a really lovely thing to do. I would just like to try and track her down and thank her, really.

The water is fresh as well and she must be coming to top it up each day. She’s obviously going to a real effort.

Nook isn’t really a dog biscuit man, but he had a nibble of one and a big drink. It just makes a change from the stories of people lacing sausages with chemicals or leaving nails about for dogs to tread on which you sometimes hear about.

I just hope this gets back to her somehow as she should know its appreciated and her parents should also be really proud.”

We hope that this message gets back to Megan and that she’ll see just how much people appreciate her efforts.

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