This Dog REALLY Wanted To Go To The Park…

As dog owners, we all know the challenge of saying ‘no’ to our dogs – it’s near enough impossible.

No matter how assertive we try to be, when they give us those wide eyes and that sad face (you know the one), our hearts melt, and we’re right there doing what we previously insisted that we wouldn’t.

For the few of us who do stand by our convictions and give a definite ‘no’, however, there’s sometimes a backlash to be faced…

This dog was desperate to go to the park and, when his owner wouldn’t take him, refused to be silenced until he was sure that she got it!

Sat in the back of the car, Walter couldn’t handle the news that the park was closed and made his feelings quite clear to his owner, who was sat in the driver’s seat.

While explaining the situation to Walter, he begins to protest, in a moan that turns into a howling noise, above which his owner’s voice can barely be heard.

Explaining the situation to the dogs, Walter’s owner says:

“I told you why we can’t go to the park – it’s closed today because they’re spraying for bugs.

Do you want to live with creepy crawlers all over? I guarantee you don’t.

You really need to think about how you talk to me. You’re disrespectful without even knowing my reasons why, you talk over me.

You are allowed to have a voice here in 2018, you know, but it’s like you’re crossing the line on being disrespectful each and every time.”

We feel for Walter’s owner, we really do – it’s not her fault that the park was closed. We do, however, love Walter’s sense of injustice, with his determination to have his voice heard just the spirit that we need!

You go for it, Walter!

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