This Cat’s Face Really Says It All…

As pet owners, we’re all well aware of our animal’s personality, with dogs often (somewhat unfairly) considered to be more emotive than cats.

Dogs, as we all know, are highly responsive to their owners, whether they’re bouncing around and wanting to play or simply cuddling up for a cosy movie night together.

Far from blank canvases, however, cats can also be incredibly expressive, and this one cat is definitely at the top of their game when it comes to facial expressions…

This cat is sending Twitter crazy with his hilariously expressive face, which works as happy, sad, confused – or, pretty much anything else, really!

Shared by Twitter user @bnqro, the cat has since amassed over 28k likes, as users are going wild for it’s crazy go-to facial expression.

Captioning the post, user @bnqro said of the cat:

“This cat makes me feel all emotions at once and I love it”

As people started to question whether that was the cat’s actual face or whether it had been photoshopped, the user posted further pictures to prove that the cat’s face was in fact real.

We have to say, we’re not quite sure what that face is saying, but we love it too – almost as much as everyone else seems to…

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