These Dogs Don’t Quite Get How Mirrors Work…

We love to stitch our dogs up in a whole number of situations and watch them try and make sense of them. Well, who can blame us – it’s stimulation for them and great entertainment for us!

Whilst pretty much anything that we do can totally confuse them, it seems that sometimes it’s simple household objects that can baffle them the most…

Dogs At The Ready? Bring On The Mirror…

Yes, it looks like it takes nothing more than a simple mirror to send even the best of dogs into a complete state of confusion.

It was this adorable dog, shared by Twitter user @dog_rates, that set us on a (lengthy) binge, highlighting just how confused our furry friends can become when faced with their own reflection.

We love the fact that Ozzie couldn’t get his head around the fact that there was an identical dog with an identical toy panda desperately trying to play with him – how could that happen?!

You can see how it got us started…

Here’s how some of our favourite social media dogs reacted when faced with mirrors:


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