The Story Of Chewy

A couple of weeks ago, the story of chewy went viral – he was abandoned in an airport bathroom in the USA by his owner – who was fleeing an abusive relationship. Her note to her pup was heart-wrenching.

The whole story brings to light the abuse both chewy and his owner went through, she couldn’t keep her furry friend and decided to give him up, and the only way for her to do so was in an airport bathroom. The note is below:

chewy2 1

Source: BBC News

It’s horrible to think Chewy couldn’t be with his owner and it means his owner has really lost her best friend. Fortunately chewy was found by some caring individuals who got him the help he needed.

Since then Chewy has hit the news and he has got thousands of people asking to adopt him. It got so crazy that the adoption agency (Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue) had to stop taking applications but they continue to keep everyone updated on how Chewy is doing.

Although what happened to chewy was terrible and heartbreaking, it does look like the pup is going to have a happy ending. He has been picked by a family who will give him his forever home and is sure to have a loving life full of hugs and kisses ahead.

chew1 1

Source: BBC News

Why not Adopt?

The story of chewy has really brought to the spotlight rescues and people who do incredible jobs throughout the world caring for animals. We can’t thank them enough for doing such wonderful work day in, day out. Without them, there would not have been anyone there for chewy or dogs like him.

Adoption and rescue animals are seen as hard work as some may have special requirements and will really need a forever home. Here at Tailster we fully back rescue dogs, we think everyone deserves a second chance. So, why not give a dog a second chance? Adopt don’t shop.

And if you need any help finding a loving pet care for your pet, you make a request below. It’s free and it only takes 30 seconds – let’s see who we can find for you.

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