How to tell that your dog loves you

Although dogs do not speak our language, they are constantly giving us signs and communicating with us in their own way.

One of the main things we want to know is, does my dog love me? Your dog will let you know! We have put together a few signs to look out for to let you know that your dog loves you.

The Happy Tail

Just like with cats, dog’s tail serves as a communication tool.  Depending on the waggle and direction of the tail, the dog can express anxiety, fear, threat or obedience. When a dog is wagging their tail loosely, and body language is showing other signs of comfort and excitement, it’s safe to say they are very happy you’re around!

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Licking Your Face

Warm, wet, gentle! We know that this can be off putting, especially to non dog owners. But Licking your face is a friendly gesture. Dog’s often lick as a way of gathering information about their world. Licking our faces may give our dogs much more information than we can imagine about who we are and how we feel.

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Following you

Dogs are very social and are pack animals . It is natural for your dog to fit easily into your own family. Your family is your dog’s pack and being with their pack is when they feel most at ease. Following you around simply means that your dog is happy and calm when they are with you and is a clear sign your dog loves you.

Sleeping beside you

Similarly to following you, sleeping beside you is part of a dogs pack mentality. It helps keep them warm and helps them feel safe. It’s also a way for your dog to show you that they care. They want to be near you and see you as family.

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Do not be surprised when it seems to you that you see something like a smile on your dog’s face. Dogs also smile like us! Studies have shown that dogs can have expressions similar to ours. The smile on your pet’s face is another wonderful sign that your dog loves you and is glad you are their owner.

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Smelling You

Dog’s figure out the world through their nose. Their sense of smell is considered a lot stronger than ours and it is their way of understanding . Your dog know’s your scent and they love it, so when your dog hasn’t seen you for a while and they smell you all over this is a sign that they missed you and really do love you.

Taking care of you when you are sick

Does your dog stay near your bed when you are not feeling well? It is their natural instinct to care for those who are injured or ill, just as they would in the wild. Dogs express love and concern by not letting their people out of their way. But do not show a wound in front of your dog, because its instinct will be to lick it!

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So what do you think – Do you think your dog loves you?

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