We’ve got a brand new feature: Tailster Photo Pupdates!

Happy New Year everyone! Now you are suitably stuffed with mince pies and festive cheer, let us tell you all about Tailster’s new Photo Pupdates! Photo pupdates are our brand new feature allowing all our lovely dog owners (and dog carers!) to upload pictures to the site! Want to know how to get started? Read more…

We have been hard at work developing some fabulous new software which means you can add pictures of your dog(s) to your very own Tailster Gallery.

If you are a dog owner who makes a booking with one of our carers, your dog carer can upload Tailster Photo Pupdates of your dog to your gallery too – this means you can see how much fun your dog is having while you are away!

Below we have step by step instructions showing you how to add pictures and view your gallery – so you can start building an online Tailster album for your pets today!

1. Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, sign up to the site by going to Tailster Sign Up



Tailster is totally free for dog owners to browse and use, and we don’t charge any unnecessary sign up fees.

2. When you have popped in your details and signed up, you will see your brand new dashboard.



If you are looking for a dog carer, you can create a listing from this point with all your requirements, or you can browse the map for sitters in your area.

3. Scroll down on your dashboard and you will see a list of options: one being to create a profile for your dog.

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4. You will be asked a few questions about your dog and asked to upload a profile photo for your dog. And that’s when the fun begins..

Our techies in their spare time thought it would be great if you could make your dog photos cuter – so here we go :-

Hats on dogs? Tick


We added lots of different stickers and effects to make your dog photos fun and shareable.

We’d like to let you discover the other bits you can do:

  • Add filters to your dog photos and make them beautiful
  • Crop / edit / make your photos hi definition and crystal clear
  • Apply colour splashes to photos
  • Add text to photos.

You are probably thinking great – I want this now – sign up to tailster to create your dog profile now.

Add other photos to your dog profile, tweak them, make them beautiful and share your dog photo profile to all and sundry.

You may be wondering why we built this?

a) We love dog photos – we love the internet – we thought it would be great to have all your dog’s photos in one nice profile that you can share on social media.

b) We offer dog walking and dog boarding services which include photo pupdates – these will be added to your dog’s profile automagically.

c) We like putting cartoon hats on dogs.

Enjoy! We will be featuring our best profiles on social media so get sharing too!

Remember, tailster.com helps you when you need someone to take care of your dog whether it is for boarding, daycare or walking – sign up or give us a call with your requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a tailster dog walker, dog sitter or boarder – you can also apply here.

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