Tailster – keeping dog walkers honest

Is your dog walker honest?

It’s a controversial question that we always ask at team Tailster – that’s why we’ve spent the last two years building a platform that ensures that your dog is safe.

In addition, we wanted to create a service that gave dog owners the comfort and assurance that they were actually getting the service that they were paying for.

So it’s worth asking yourself that question – is your dog walker honest?

Do you know for sure whether they actually turned up at your home, while you were at work, to take your best friend for that walk that they need to stretch their legs? The money might be gone off your console table – that’s at least some evidence that your dog walker turned up – but when you come home and ask your dog how their day was, unfortunately they can’t talk back!

Will you know whether your dog has been walked solo as you requested, instead of being bundled into the back of a van with other dogs – with your dog actually only being walked for the fraction of the hour that you paid for? Regular walks and daily exercise is essential for the health and well-being of all dogs, and unscrupulous walkers cutting corners aren’t just wasting your money, but they’re also harming your loved one. stencil.default 17 2

You’ve given the keys to your house and access to all your belongings, but do you really know who your walker is? If they disappeared into the sunset with your keys, how would you be able to find them to get your keys returned to you?

There’s plenty of other questions one can ask – but what this all boils down to for us at Tailster is how we’re bringing accountability to the dog walking industry.

We’re bringing dog walking into the 21st century using a fine blend of technology, GPS tracking and good old fashioned customer service to build the premier dog walking service that we know your dog will love. As a pet owner, we let you know that you are getting the service you paid for, and provide you with those lovely moments with our walk tracking maps and real-time photo updates.

Once you’ve experienced receiving walk updates, it’s difficult to go back to the outdated dog walkers of yesterday, and this is just the beginning for us – we’ve got plenty of great tricks up our sleeves in the forthcoming months for our dog walking service for you to look forward to.

How much is spent on dog walking in the UK?

At Tailster, we did some analysis on how much we think is spent on dog walking in the UK – our very thorough calculations (not done on the back of a paper napkin – honest!) amounted to at least £1.5bn being spent by UK pet owners on dog walking every year. Most of this is in cash – which means that there’s a significant number of notes being left in the homes of dog owners going to dog walkers across the country.

Most of the dog walkers you’ll meet are honest, working for the love of dogs and enjoying a very fulfilling career as they build up their dog walking business.

How could I make a quick buck as a dog walker?

But there are some dodgy walkers out there – we had a long list of things that an untrustworthy dog walker could do, and then we tried to work out how we could resolve them. Providing you with a flavour of the kinds of things we jotted down, if we were not honest dog walkers, we may be getting away with :

  • Not even turning up to a client’s home to walk a dog if the timings were not right and we had other clients to walk elsewherestencil.default 15 2
  • Turning up to a client’s home, taking the cash and letting the dog out in the garden for a few minutes for a pee and then lock up and go
  • Turning up to a client’s home, putting my feet up in front of the TV for a bit and then head off home
  • Pick up several dogs on a walking route at the time stated, transport them all to the park, and drop them off at the end of the hour with various drop offs thus making £50 in the hour and probably spending most of the time in the van picking up various dogs
  • Tell a client that they walked the dog for longer than an hour and request payment for that with no accountability.

There’s plenty more too.

Honest dog walkers are amazing, and we’ve got thousands of them on Tailster. However, we take the safety and well-being of dogs very seriously, so on the rare occasion when we find out a carer is being dishonest, we remove them from the site – simple.

Some dog walkers may get upset or offended at the idea that they are being tracked when going out on walks. But good dog walkers understand that dog walking today isn’t as reliable as it could be, and by using technology we can provide the comfort and peace of mind to pet owners everywhere.

Why do we think Tailster helps keep the dog walking industry honest?

Our award winning dog walk tracking app allows our walkers to do just that – letting you know when they left the house, where they went on a map, and the time they arrived safely back at your house.

With tracked walks, we bring the control back to you. Did you ask your dog to be walked at lunchtime? No more guesswork necessary – we’ll show you when the walk began. stencil.facebook post 17 1

You’ll know if your dog was driven around in a van instead of being walked – it’ll be obvious when you see how far they’ve traveled on the map you receive!

In addition to walk tracking, our photo updates sent by carers include a time-stamp and the location of the photo on a map – giving you the comfort you require.

All our carers are assessed and vetted and we collect full ID and address documentation before they are approved on the Tailster platform, so we are always there to help if anything goes awry and you lose contact with your walker. It’s rare, but it has happened – and when it does, we’re here for you ready to help.

We’ve found pet care for over 50,000 pet owners since we launched – and we’ve tracked over 18,000 km of dog walks across the UK. In fact, if you lined them all up, Tailster tracked dog walks would take you from London to China! If you’ve got a dog needs walking, make a request below. It’s free and it only takes 30 seconds – let’s see who we can find for you.

Dog walking is a big industry and a service busy pet owners require. At Tailster.com, we’ve always got your back and we’ll find the perfect dog walker for your pooch!

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