Super Hounds to the Rescue

We always hear stories in the news about real life superheroes. What you might not realise is that these heroes come in all different shapes and sizes.

Here are a few hero hounds that deserve a mention for all the good work they have done in the past:

Frida – the Mexican (and canine) alternative to Wonder Woman


(Photo @PueAPrimeraHora on Twitter)

Frida had a busy September as a result of the earthquakes that have hit the Mexican State of Oaxaca and Mexico City. Frida is a rescue dog that belongs to the Mexican Navy. She has quickly become a popular figure around the world thanks to social media, after having saved over 50 people from the destruction left behind by the earthquakes. Frida was not phased by her newfound fame, however, and continued to work hard as part of the rescue team.

Dave – the Doggy Life Guard


(Photo –  Solent News and Photo Agency)

Dave gets a mention after having helped save 3 women who were at risk of drowning at Hayling beach near Portsmouth. The brave black Labrador, his dog walker and his son, spotted 3 women who had been carried out to sea. After swimming out to them, Dave successfully doggy paddled one of them back to safety.

If it were not for Dave and his walkers, the rough current could have taken them even further out where they might not have been seen by passers by.

Khan – The Doberman Pinscher who risked his life to save his new family


(Photo –

Khan had only been in the family for a week at the time he risked his life to save 17 month old Charlotte from a potentially deadly snake bite. Khan had recently been adopted from a rescue centre, and proved how courageous he was when he pushed Charlotte out of the way of venomous King Brown snake. Although the snake ended up biting Khan, he was quickly rushed to the emergency services where he was given antivenom, so made a full recovery.

Bretagne – The 9/11 Search Dog


(Photo @captain_the_golden on Instagram)

Bretagne was just two years old when the twin towers fell during the terror attack on September 11th 2001. She was immediately rushed to the scene and began her hard work in the Ground Zero rescue and recovery team. She saved many lives from the rubble, and became an iconic hero hound in America.

Unfortunately, Bretagne passed away last year just before her 17 birthday. She was loved by the entire nation, and had a send off fit for a hero.


Buddy – The Smartest German Shepherd Around


(Photo –

Buddy was adopted at a young age by Joe who would frequently suffer from seizures. Joe taught Buddy exactly what to do in case he was to have a seizure, which involved dialing 911 to reach out to the emergency services.

This was put to the test in 2008 when, the then 18 month old Buddy, successfully dialed 911 and barked down the phone at the emergency service operators. Moments later, the emergency services arrived. Joe was rushed to the hospital, and made a full recovery, all thanks to his pal Buddy.

Do you have any pet hero stories?!

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