Strangers Send Thousands Of Pounds To Owner Raising Litter Of Kittens

As animal lovers, we’d do all we can to help any animals who might be in need – we just can’t help ourselves. Despite times being tough and the world being in the state that it’s in, it’s often the little things that make us realise that it’s not all totally bad…

When Paris Zarcilla found that a stray cat had given birth to a litter of four kittens under his bed, he began to document the early stages of raising the animals on his Twitter feed. The thread quickly captured global attention, winning the hearts of the director’s 44k followers.

After taking the mother cat to the vets, Zarcilla found that the mother was not microchipped and subsequently decided to care for all five cats.

Setting up a GoFundMe page, Zarcilla’s followers have so far pledged in excess of £4,000 to help cover the cost of initial supplies and veterinary bills.

Since taking responsibility of the kittens, Zarcilla, from Hackney Wick, London, has lived through several of their early milestones, including their teething phase, as well as opening their eyes for the first time.

One day after setting up the GoFundMe page, he tweeted:

 “I’m astounded and overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness. ‘Thank you’ is grossly insufficient for the gratitude I have for you all.

They are OFFICIALLY living a better life than me and THANKS TO YOU – my room is now THEIR throne room B/C YOU BOUGHT THEM ALL THE THINGS.”

Although he has since closed down the page, Zarcilla is still documenting his experience of being a cat dad on Twitter – and, yes, he’s still loving it!

We think these kittens are going to have quite the life!

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