Simple Ways To Combat Pet Allergies

We’re all pet lovers here!

We do all that we can to surround ourselves with animals and, if we can’t be with our own, we’ll be sure to find someone else’s to keep us busy. We just can’t help ourselves!

Whilst the majority of us can spend hour upon hour with our furry friends and get nothing but pleasure, for a small number of us allergies get in the way, meaning that we have to limit the time that we spend with our pets. For some, the effects are immediate, yet for others it can be a slow burner, creeping up when they’re least expected.

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Allergies can flare up suddenly and, if you’ve had limited contact with pets throughout your life, they can develop once a pet has been introduced to the house – which can become a problem.

Whilst many owners resort to giving up their pet if symptoms worsen, there are ways to manage the allergy that may bring about a balance and make the situation more bearable.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to manage an allergic reaction to pets, ultimately limiting the effects:

Limit Their Movement

If you are suffering from an allergic reaction, a simple step that you could take is to limit the movement of your pets throughout the house.

We’re not suggesting keeping them locked away – far from it – but there should always be boundaries. We’d suggest keeping them off furniture (sofas etc.) and, more significantly, out of the bedroom, as these are the areas of the home where we spend the most time.

Provide them with their own furnishings and get them into the habit of settling there whilst you’re on the sofa or bed. Yes, it means you can’t cuddle up with them all of the time, but it’s bound to help manage your allergies and limit the effects.

Antihistamines Might Work

They should never be the first option, but antihistamines could be a helpful preventive method, particularly during periods where allergies are worse in general.

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Although they should never be seen as a go-to, certain antihistamines can help alleviate the symptoms of allergies, ultimately making the experience a lot more pleasant.

If you do think antihistamines could help, we’d always advise consulting a doctor beforehand to ensure that you’re taking the correct, safe medication.

Keep Things Clean

Symptoms of allergies often build up over time, which can be a result of pets leaving their mark around the house. It’s therefore vital that you keep your home thoroughly clean.

In addition to the usual sweeping, scrubbing and washing, consider some more advanced steps. Pull out furniture once a month – you’ll be amazed at how much gets lodged underneath! Have soft furnishings professionally cleaned, wash pillows as well as their cases and shake/wash throws and blankets regularly.

It may seem like a lot of work, but keeping on top of things will help you to manage your allergies.

Grooming Might Help

The majority of animals kept as pets will shed their fur, which can be a major cause of allergic reactions. So, regular grooming might be a simple way to combat these.

If you are suffering from allergies and have an animal that sheds extensively, we’d recommend taking them to be groomed at least once each month. This will help remove any excess hair as well as dead skin cells, which are one of the main allergens.

If paying for professional grooming becomes too much, perhaps limit this to 3/4 times a year and bathe them at home in between.

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Keep Yourself Clean

Finally, it’s vital that you keep yourself clean – it’s obvious, we know, but it makes a massive difference.

As well as washing/showering daily, make sure that your clothes are washed and kept well out of the reach of your pets.

By making small changes, you’ll hopefully find that your allergies aren’t as bad, and you can happily spend more time with your pets.

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