Should You Let Your Dogs On Your Furniture?

As dog owners, we’re guilty of letting our dogs rule our lives, and who can blame us? We just can’t say no!

Yes, we try to instil rules, but every now and again we let standards slip and give in to temptation, giving our pups everything that they ever wanted.

Whilst some rules are vital in ensuring good behaviour and keeping on top of diet and health, others, whilst seeming a little more trivial, are just as important in terms of our everyday lifestyle…

Should Dogs Be Allowed On The Furniture?

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It’s only natural that we, as owners, want to be as close to our dogs as we can, with the natural step to allow them to curl up on the sofa next to us.

It can, however, come with a number of consequences, many of which could have long-term effects on both you and your dog.

Here’s What You Should Consider Before Allowing Your Dog Onto The Furniture…

Behavioural Consequences

Whilst allowing your dog onto the furniture will not automatically bring about negative behaviours, it is important that you do not inadvertently encourage them.

It’s fine for dogs to sit up next to you, but they should be aware that there’s a time and place for this, otherwise they’ll consider it the norm and begin to take advantage.

Have strict limitations: allow them up when you’re watching TV but keep them down when there’s food around, for example.

Keep an eye out for any aggressive tendencies and, if they begin to become domineering, send them down immediately.

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Health And Safety

Many owners prefer to keep their pets off the furniture due to the health and safety issues that may occur.

Some owners, for example, worry about the health risks and the spread of disease that may come from pets sharing the same spaces as us on an intimate level.

Another consideration is their safety while you’re out. Without you around to control the situation, there’s a risk of falling or injuring themselves, meaning that they could be placing themselves in compromising positions.

To help prevent this, remain in control of your dog’s exploration of the furniture, lifting them up and down to reenforce that you’re in control.

Lifestyle Issues

Finally, there are lifestyle issues to consider before allowing your pet onto the furniture.

There is, of course, the issue of pet hair, which may often become excessive, as well as muddy paw prints and dirty marks in all sorts of unsuspecting areas.

As we already touched on, there’s also the risk of dogs becoming obtrusive and expectant of being allowed to sit alongside their owners, which can become tiresome and a challenge ultimately.

In short, allowing dogs onto the furniture isn’t a bad thing, as long as it’s well managed and limitations are put in place.

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