Should Cats Drink Milk?

Cats can be fussy little creatures, tactless in letting you know what they like and what gets a definite no.

Offer them fish or some cold cuts and they’re right there, but give them a cheap substitute and they’ll sniff it out before their bowl touches the mat.

The same can be said when it comes to drinking too…

Cats And Milk

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Cats have long had a liking for milk, favouring it any day over plain old water – and who can blame them?

In the same way that dogs like anything meaty, cats love a bit of dairy, going crazy for the slightest hint of fatty goodness.

Traditionally, families that kept cows would feed cats the cream that floated to the top of the milk. They were truly indulged upon.

While cats may like the odd splash of milk, not everyone is agreed that they should be given such luxuries…

Should Cats Be Fed Milk?

There is much debate surround the discussion as to whether cats should be offered milk as a drink. While some people see it as a harmless treat, others remain skeptical over the potential consequences.

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Speaking in Science Focus, Dr. John Bradshaw suggests that milk may not be suitable for all cats:

“The milk we now buy in supermarkets contains little fat, and while some cats may like it for its taste, many do not find it easy to digest.” 

He elaborates that, while kittens are born able to digest lactose, a cat’s ability decreases over time as the enzyme lactase starts disappearing from their systems. Consequently, cats may suffer upset stomachs after drinking milk, as the undigested lactose begins to ferment.

This is a similar process to human lactose intolerance, which many people develop over the course of their lifetime.

The message is, therefore, that some cats may be able to drink milk occasionally, but water is the best, safest and healthiest drink for your cat to enjoy!

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