Stryker’s Pose To Freedom.

Shelters in the US are totally different to here in the UK – according to the ASPCA around 670,000 dogs are put to sleep every year in the USA, most of them are healthy and simply weren’t adopted. But organizations are now challenging this and hundreds of rescue groups who dedicate both their funds and time to saving healthy dogs from being put to sleep are popping up. They’re on a mission to save as many dogs as possible!

Meet Stryker, a beautiful 10-month-old bluetick coonhound. He was taken in by a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. Everyone fully expected him to be snapped up or claimed within days of being there, I mean, look at how cute he is!

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But it didn’t happen and he was at risk of being put to sleep. Luckily for him, his picture online got the attention of just the right person. Mia, a board member with All Breed Rescue Vermont, who fell in love with his ears!

All Breed Rescue Vermont is a volunteer-run group that is on a mission to save dogs from being euthanized. How? By finding them loving homes in the north east. The rescue works with high-kill shelters the most, it’s how Strykers picture came to their attention. If it wasn’t for their work, he may not be alive right now.

How did Stryker ride away in style? Well, they weren’t so sure how Stryker would do in the car. After all, he is a stray and no one really knew what life he lived before being taken to the shelter involved.

But luckily for them, Stryker’s clear quirky personality began to shine through.  The picture below speaks volumes, he was riding away in style.


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“Stryker is feeling fine on his freedom ride,” the group posted. “We love him already.”

He has since arrived in Vermont and has found his furever home! We love you Stryker!

And if you need any help finding a loving pet care for your pet, you make a request below. It’s free and it only takes 30 seconds – let’s see who we can find for you.

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