RSPCA Launch Hunt For Owner Of Dumped Puppies

The recent spell of hot weather across the UK has led to an increase in the number of pets being abandoned nationwide, with puppies the main victims of neglect.

Earlier this year, animal charities issued a desperate plea for owners to take their unwanted pets to shelters instead of leading them out on the street, in the face of danger.

Whilst the heat may have cooled off and the number of instances have dropped, cases of neglect are sadly still rife…

The RSPCA are hunting for the owner of 10 puppies, some of which still haven’t opened their eyes, who were cruelly dumped in a plastic box on the side of a country road. 

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The 10 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, believed to be around ten days old, were found in a plastic box in Titchfield Lane, near Wickham, Hampshire on September 8.

The puppies were rush to the vet for immediate treatment, before returning the charity to be nurtured through the early stages of development.

The charity are in desperate search of the owners amid fears about the health of the mother of the litter, who could be suffering from mastitis having delivered such a large litter.

Charlotte Coggins, who is investigating the case surrounding the puppies for the RSPCA, has said:

“We are very worried about the welfare of the mother dog as she will no doubt be really missing her pups, and could be suffering from mastitis after recently having so many puppies.

I assume as they’d been left in the layby by the person responsible in the hope they would be found and helped.

However, leaving such young puppies exposed like this without the mum they so desperately need risked their lives.

Anyone with any information can call me in complete confidence on our inspectors’ appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

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