Pug Reunited With Owners After Thieves Tried To Sell Him Online

Losing a pet doesn’t bear thinking about, never mind the torment of having them stolen, but these lucky owners were reunited with their pug shortly after his theft in a shocking turn of events.

Anthony Walker and Chloe Tucker were shocked to be reunited with their Pug/French Bulldog cross, Eddy, after the distinctive dog was spotted online marketplace Shpock.

2 pug eddy

© Derbyshire Live

The couple, from Derbyshire, were left devastated when they returned to their car at Tibshelf service station to find that the dog was missing. Ms. Tucker had only left Eddy in the car briefly when she took her two year old daughter to the toilet, at which time the dog was taken from the car.

The incident, which happened on the evening of July 6, led to a subsequent investigation by Derbyshire Police.

In a remarkable turn of events, however, Mr. Walker discovered the distinctive looking dog on online marketplace Shpock, where he was being sold for £500. He then drove to Heathrow from his workplace in Farnborough to purchase the dog back.

Speaking to Derbyshire Live, Mr. Walker said of the incident:

“We’re buzzing and over the moon to have him back.

There’s a group of people who look absolutely everywhere for missing and stolen pets and someone came to us with a link and picture of Eddy – we looked at it for two seconds and we knew it was him straight away – he’s got a distinctive jaw and has two white claws on his back two feet.

I’ve paid £500 to get him back but we have let the police know about the situation. I didn’t ask them (the people selling him) any questions – I just wanted to get Eddy away and back home.

We feel very lucky to have him back.”

A police investigation remains ongoing, with authorities investigating both who stole Eddy in the first place, as well as how he came to be advertised on an online platform on which selling a living creature is ‘forbidden’.

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