Protect Your Pet From The Summer Heat

With temperatures set to soar, we’re all set to make the most of the summer heat and spend the next few months soaking up the sun outdoors. For most of us pet lovers, that includes taking our furry friends with us to join in the fun. I mean, it’d be rude not to…

However, whereas we recognise when the sun is affecting us and move to the shade or apply sunscreen, our pets often don’t recognise how best to help themselves. Its our job, then, to ensure that they’re well protected and comfortable at all times. 

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Here’s how best to care for your pet out in the heat:


It sounds obvious, and its so simple, but still we forget. Remember, just because you don’t need to drink constantly doesn’t mean your pet feels the same. 

In the heat, its likely that they’ll be drinking far more often than usual, so make sure that their water bowl is topped up and cool at all times. Also, make sure you take a bowl on walks with you, so that you can stop off frequently and give them a drink. Most cafes and pubs will be happy to fill it up for you (and its the perfect excuse to stop off for an afternoon beer).

Know Your Pet 

Depending on the breed of your pet, they’ll react to the heat differently and have different needs. For example, while chihuahua’s notoriously love the sun, a lot of flat faced, designer breeds struggle in the heat, and will need to be catered for accordingly. 

You can do many things to help your pet, like airing the house, walking in the shade, and holding a cool, damp flannel on their face. The main thing is to make sure they’re comfortable and, if not, act fast to remedy the situation as promptly as possible. The key is to be aware.

Plan Ahead

Not only is midday the hottest time of the day, it is also when the sun’s rays are the strongest. It’s therefore the worst time of day to take your pet for a walk. 

As a rule, we’d suggest avoiding times between 11am – 1pm. For breeds that struggle, extend this to 10:30am – 3pm. Use common sense – if you think you might struggle, then your pet definitely will!

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Picnic Alert!

There’s nothing sweeter than letting your pet off their lead and watching them run with joy around the local park. Especially as the summer begins, they’ll be as glad as you that the winter’s finally over and they can get out more regularly. However, whilst they’re enjoying the sun, so is everyone else. 

We all know that dogs will eat anything and everything in sight, and we know from experience that picnics to dogs are like red rags to a bull – they love them! Make sure that you keep your pet under control when there are picnics around. Not only do you not want to annoy everyone else, you also don’t want them eating something that they shouldn’t!

Signs To Look Out For

Its easy to remedy you pet when they’re struggling in the heat. Here are the signs to look out for…


  • Heavy panting
  • Lying down more often than usual
  • Tongue hanging out
  • Hot to the touch
  • Tongue and gums bright red/pink


  • Heavy panting
  • Lying down more often than usual
  • Stumbling and disoriented
  • Sweaty paws
  • Restless, looking for somewhere cool
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