Proof that dogs really are mans best friend

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend.. But do you know how long they’ve been our best friends?


Well …. it’s been proven that the dog was the first animal to be domesticated by the Homo sapiens, and this happened before the Agricultural Revolution (so a really looooong time ago). Experts aren’t sure on the exact date, but there is evidence of domesticated dogs from around 15,000 years ago.

As well as being used for fighting and hunting, dogs were also used as an alarm system against human intruders and wild beasts. – even now you can’t have anyone come to visit your house without your dog letting you know you have visitors!!

As generations evolved, Homo sapiens and dogs co-evolved to communicate effectively and understand each other.

The dogs that were most loving and understanding of the feelings and emotions of their humans got extra care and food, and were most likely to survive.


Similarly to this, dogs learned to manipulate the humans to their own needs – we all know that we can’t say no to our doggos!!!


This 15,000 year old bond has made the relationship between humans and dogs stronger than that between humans and any other animal.

In some excavations dogs have even been found buried ceremoniously, similarly to humans. And in a 12,000 year old tomb found in Israel researchers found the skeleton of a woman alongside the skeleton of her puppy. Her hand was resting on the puppy – perhaps suggesting an emotional bond and connection.

So next time you have a cuddle with your best (furry) friend remember the bond you have traces back a whopping 15,000 years and that it will hopefully last until the end of time!!

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